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Tustin is served by the Tustin Unified School District, which has over 20 schools, including several award-winning schools such as Beckman High School and Tustin High School.

Popular Restaurants:

Tustin has a variety of dining options, ranging from upscale restaurants to casual cafes. Some popular restaurants in the area include The Winery, El Camino Cafe, and Kech Cafe.

Activities and Things to Do:

There are plenty of activities and things to do in Tustin, including visiting The District at Tustin Legacy, an outdoor shopping and entertainment center, or exploring the historic Old Town Tustin district. You can also check out the Marconi Automotive Museum or the Tustin Ranch Golf Course.


Tustin has a diverse economy and is home to many major employers, including Toshiba America, Ricoh Electronics, and Rockwell Collins. There are also many job opportunities in the retail and hospitality industries.

General City Information:

Tustin is a family-friendly city with a population of around 80,000. The city is known for its excellent parks and recreation programs, as well as its annual Tustin Tiller Days festival.

Interesting Facts:
  • Tustin was named after Columbus Tustin, a carriage maker who was the city’s first postmaster.
  • The city was once home to one of the largest blimp hangars in the world, which was used during World War II.
  • Tustin is home to the Tustin Legacy development, which is being built on the site of the former Marine Corps Air Station Tustin.
Online Communities:

Stay connected with your neighbors and community by joining online groups and forums. Some popular online communities in Tustin include Nextdoor, the Tustin Community Facebook group, and the Tustin subreddit.

Housing Statistics and Affordability:

Tustin has a variety of housing options, from apartments to single-family homes. For more information about housing statistics and affordability in Tustin, visit www.BaldBrothersTeam.com.

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