Sell your home now as-is. Quick Closing. No repairs.

Selling a house as-is in a stress-free way

The process of selling your property may be a source of discomfort. It implies managing so many things that you are always at risk of getting bogged down. But the stress peaks when your house is in poor condition and needs repairs or remodeling. That’s when selling your home as-is in Orange County can be a wise option.


Let us close this deal for you! The Bald Brothers Team can facilitate the purchase your home off-market or sell it on the open market, regardless of its condition. Selling a house that needs repairs is never a nuisance with our team, whether you’re selling an unfinished, awfully shabby, inhabitable, or other unkept property. Our specialists will do their due diligence to offer a reasonable price for your house or condo. 


We’ve successfully closed homes that had unfinished remodels, broken windows, fire damage, pet and urine stains and feces throughout, mold and extensive water damage, slab cracks, leaky roofs, mystery odors, dead landscaping, plumbing issues, unpermitted work, and more. You name, we’ve seen it and we’ve sold it.

Selling my house as-is: Know your options

The real estate market can be mysterious because it is always changing, and selling a house that looks like nobody has been living there for decades can be overwhelming. But if you think, “Should I sell my home as-is or get it renovated first?” you should realize you are not limited to just making cosmetic repairs only. There may be more work that needs to be done if you start the renovation process, only to discover significant and costly repairs. 


If you inherited the property and it’s in poor condition, it’s helpful to know that you are responsible for any of the work you do on the home prior to selling. If you’d prefer not to renovate the home you’ve inherited and decide to sell it as-is, this limits your liability and may be the best option for you. 


With The Bald Brothers Team, you can choose from off-market and open-market selling options. Both of these options can be great, but the key is that you will always have the support provided by Aaron and Todd who will walk you through each process.


The open market option is a selling strategy of choice for those who are looking for:

  • Higher prices for their properties

  • More offers

  • Lots of views


If you opt to sell a home as-is in Orange County with this option, get ready to have buyers flock to your property for showings. If that sounds like a problem, consider going for an off-market deal with the Bald Brothers Team.

An off-market deal is an excellent idea if you want to:


  • Keep your deal private

  • Get cash for your property (cash is paid for most off-market properties)

  • Close the deal ASAP

  • Want minimal attention and limited visitors


The benefits of going off-market are obvious, but the money is lower than what you may potentially be paid with an on-market deal. If you need more time to decide, explore both options in detail with our specialists. We will evaluate your situation and the desired price to recommend a win-win solution. 


However you choose to sell your home, we hope you choose the Bald Brothers Team to handle the sale. Our process of selling allows you, the homeowner, to do as little or as much as you want. If you live out of the area, we can handle everything from A to Z, including maintaining the property, securing the property, and selling it. You don’t have to travel to California to sell your home either. We handle everything by phone, email, and with digital signatures to save you time, money, and hassle. 


Selling a house as-is in Orange County is as simple as dialing 833-305-BALD (2253)! Note, that’s 8-3-3 (not 800). We look forward to working with you.


benefits of selling your home this way:

    Frequently asked questions

    We buy property all over Southern California from Los Angeles, Orange County, the Inland Empire.

    It depends on what you choose. Because we are licensed Realtors we can give you an estimate of what we believe it would sell for in its current condition and you can decide if you want to go that route. If you want to sell it directly to us or our investors, it will not go in the MLS. 

    People inherit property and don’t want to put any money into them before they sell them.

    • People want to get out of California ASAP.
    • Avoid the hassle of the traditional sales process.
    • Divorce proceedings.
    • To avoid foreclosure.
    • Deferred maintenance.
    • A homeowner found another property and need cash fast to close the other property.
    • Avoid the delayed process of traditional selling.
    • Job loss or sudden unemployment.
    • Probate requirement.
    • Relocating.
    • They owe more than their house is worth and need to save on fees.

    No, we buy homes and condos.

    No, we buy condos and homes.

    It’s a simple selling:

    1. Tell us about your property
    2. If it meets our criteria we preview your home (in person or via Zoom)
    3. Present you with a written, no obligation offer
    4. You choose the closing date
    5. Escrow process
    6. Cash in your hand (in as little as 7 days).

    No, we can process everything via email or mail. You will need to notarize a grant deed in person, but that can be done with an approved Notary in your location.

    Yes, we can sell a home in any condition, even if there are unfinished construction projects, fire damage, etc…

    If you choose to sell off-market directly to us or one of our investors, you will only pay minimal fees that average 1.5%-2% of the sales price.

    If you choose to sell the home off-market directly to us or our investors, we charge a minimal fee to process the real estate paperwork. All closing costs, including this fee, are typically covered in the 1.5%-2% total fees referenced above. 

    No. Our process is simple and we make you an offer for your home that factors in the condition.

    There is NO obligation for you. We want you to make the best decision for you. Once we have made an offer, the decision is yours if you’d like to move forward.

    Each case is different. Sometimes we buy them with our own funds, partner with our investors, or our investors buy them directly. 

    Sometimes we do. Most of the time we work with investors to buy the homes. 

    Once we close escrow, nearly all of them are resold on the open market. Investors will be seeking to make a profit from the home sale. 

    We process the sales through the normal transaction process by opening escrow, ordering a title insurance policy, and arrange for a successful closing. Once the County Recorder’s Office has confirmed that the transaction has been recorded, the net proceeds due to you will be wired from the Escrow trust account to your bank. Usually, money is wired the day after closing confirmation because confirmation comes in the afternoon.. 

    If you choose to sell it off-market, as-is, you will likely sell your home for below market value and your home will be resold at a profit at a later date. We are looking to get a fair discount on a property and many sellers like knowing they can get access to their equity quickly.  If you choose to have us market the home on the open market and allow for showings, you will receive full market value as buyers compete for your home. 

    It depends on your schedule because you get to pick the closing date. If you need to close quickly, we typically close in 7 days to 2 weeks.

    We genuinely want to find a win-win for all parties. However, if you don’t like the price we or our investors are willing to pay, we can market your home on the open market. We will provide you with as much information upfront as possible so you can make an informed decision.

    Once we have a signed purchase contract, no.

    Yes, under very rare circumstances, we can and will cancel. 

    The most common reason is the inability for the seller to deliver title in a timely manner. For example, if issues arise with the Title to the home and you cannot close in a timely manner, we may cancel the transaction until the issue is resolved. If we discover something that was not previously disclosed while in escrow we may cancel. 

    Once we have previewed the home and agreed to a price, we will do our due diligence. This may include a home inspection, review of permits with the city, neighborhood research, and confirming information provided by the homeowner. We typically do this in the first 4 days.

    Yes, however, any remaining balance on the solar panels must be paid off by the seller in escrow. We will not buy a home subject to taking over the payments. Solar panels do delay closings and will affect closing time frames.

    Yes, however, all HERE and PACE loans must be paid off prior to the close of escrow from the proceeds due the seller. HERO and PACE loans do delay closings and will affect closing time frames. 

    This type of loan is used to make energy efficient upgrades to the home and the payments are paid through the property taxes. Contractors have been known to solicit homeowners to make repairs and those repairs are paid for using these kinds of loans. 

    No. We buy and sell homes in all conditions. If the home is in great condition we’d still like to buy it.

    We will buy/sell a home in any condition.

    Yes, we can buy multiple properties at the same time.

    Yes, if your home is an investment property you can do a 1031 exchange with a 1031 Accommodator. 

    Due to current eviction restrictions we will consider buying homes with tenants in them, but will pay a lot less for them to offset the risk.

    No. We are not a law firm and cannot help with evicting tenants. 

    Yes. In fact, selling quickly is a way to avoid foreclosure if you are already in foreclosure with your bank. 

    If you owe more than we are willing to pay for it, we will work with you and your bank to buy it as a “short sale” where the bank will take less than they are owed. 

    Yes. We know the divorce process can be tricky and we can provide a quick sale options. 

    We will present you with this option. Once you decide which option is best for you, we will stick to that option until the property is sold.

    No. We require that homes be delivered vacant upon closing.

    Aaron has been in real estate since 1996.

    Yes, we work with traditional home sellers all the time. We have a full suite of options available to traditional sellers and would love to talk to you about the Bald Brothers Selling Process.

    Some of our clients need to close quickly and are not able to remove unwanted belongings from the home. That’s ok, we will work with you on that. All belongings that you want to keep need to be removed before closing. 

    Yes! Let’s figure out what plan works best for you. We prefer to close escrow in 30 days or less, but have made exceptions to close later than that.

    All seller proceeds are paid out at closing.

    We do have recommendations for moving vendors.

    We will do a market analysis and determine a price that is fair depending on the needs.

    We look forward to serving you