Buy a condo or rent an apartment?

Should You Buy a Condo or Rent an Apartment?


Living in a condo comes with a wide variety of perks. Condos are usually modern, spacious, and conveniently located. When looking for a new space, you need to decide whether to buy a condo or rent an apartment. Although the decision is different based on the individual’s financial conditions and plans, here are some of the most important things to consider when making your decision. 

Buy a Condo Vs. Rent an Apartment

People often think that renting an apartment is cheaper than making mortgage payments. While this may seem true, investing money to buy a condo can be much more affordable in the long run. This is especially true for homeowners who receive a loan at an optimal interest rate. If you are looking to buy real estate, visit


One of the best advantages of buying a condo over renting an apartment is that the condo owners develop equity. With each mortgage payment, a homeowner reduces their debt and gradually takes steps towards owning the property entirely. Therefore, when you buy a condo, you can reduce the principle of mortgage debt, increase equity and save money down the road. 

Pros and Cons of Buying a Condo 

There are so many pros and cons to buying a condo; here is a list of them.

Pros of Condo Ownership

  • Condos can be more affordable than detached homes. 


  • Exterior repairs and maintenance are typically the condo association’s responsibility. 


  • Condos have a great community feel. 


  • Condos are built with a wide range of amenities, including a fitness center, swimming pool, security system, and other features.

Cons of Condominium Ownership

  • Condos are often subject to certain rules and regulations set by their association. This may include pet ownership, noise level control, and limits on tenants. 


  • The owners have to pay a certain monthly fee for condo associations, which can be expensive. 




Owning a condo involves many upfront expenses and maintenance bills that a tenant need not be responsible for. Therefore, when you buy a condo unit, you can enjoy a sense of equity, community, and profitable investment. Moreover, knowing you do not have to worry about typical renting woes brings peace of mind.


However, a condo is only ideal for some. So, before entering the real estate market, weigh the options carefully.